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Ladyfish Island

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Diane and I took a pleasure ride this afternoon, when we got to the backside of Goat Island the birds were going nuts, and it was a HUGE school of Ladyfish punishing the pogeys.

So we stopped and played for a while. Boated 4, Diane caught her first and second Ladyfish. Unfortunately they were all between 19 and 21 1/2 inches so we were unable to snatch the Ladyfish points away from Salty. Which is really unfortunate as we probably donated $25 worth of lures to them while playing.

I will tell you this is Ladyfish Candy http://www.amazon.com/Rapala-X-Rap-...1?ie=UTF8&qid=1405635924&sr=8-1&keywords=xrap, I had several other similar lures, but when you toss that Xrap in you can't keep them off of it. Crazy thing is they will absolutely not sniff at the exact same lure one size up (XR10). The also liked the cylinder shaped bodies like the Xrap and Mirrolure 19MR. They would hit the MR17, but not nearly as consistent.
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They're fun to hook but I love it when they come off before they get to the boat.
Ladyfish & Blue Runners were my nemesis today on the South side of Horn. No chance at Pompano with these bastages around....
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Hate you lost all them lures but i bet it was fun!!!...and i'm starting think pete is like smoke in a restricter plate race...fall back to the rear, stay out of the 'big one' so he can make a late charge to the front[wink]
SJ, I had to boat them to measure for the hardhead classic. Let me tell you good practice boating one of those guys without destroying the boat! I actually had one that ran to the back of the boat jumped and nearly cleared Diane! It was a blast. I think everyone was having fun except the Pogeys.

Man that water sure is pretty out there Barefootin!

Yes Donk I perform best under pressure, so look at the last week!
Hey Barefootin that's the best looking water I've seen in a long long time
I waded for a couple hours yesterday in ocean springs. Lots of mullet but no real action until sunset. Pogies were getting smashed and I thought I was about to get into the trout. It was lady fish too. I'm not a fan because they seem to only want baits with treble hooks so they can swallow them deep and give you a tough time getting the hooks out.
They're fun to hook but I love it when they come off before they get to the boat.
Aint that the truth!
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