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Late Summer Preparations?

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What are some things you do to improve the lands you hunt this time of year up until October?

School is back in, College football gets started in about 3 1/2 weeks, and October is right around the corner. I've got fall/winter food plots on the brain but that's a known for the upcoming deer season. I cut some shooting lanes back in the early spring when it was still cool. I still need to do some more thinning and open up a few more spots. Freshening up mineral sites is also on the agenda.

As the summer heat cranks up and things dry out some I take this prime opportunity to spray kudzu. It seems to be more effective this time of year. It also helps stunt it a little more come next spring when it had to fight harder before winter, at least that's what the research shows.

Other than these few things general road and trail maintenance along with limbing any trees that may need it, I also like to try to remove any problem trees or any non-favorable trees from around my oaks that I can. I could go on but at some point I'm just rambling. I work my place by myself 95% of the time so I've ALWAYS got something to do.
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Well I just got all ours bush hogged and now got some shooting houses to fix. They just started cutting on my place so that has thrown a monkey wrench in my usual plans. But I still can work my plots and work on stands. As far a roads the timber crew are fixing them as they use em just hope they will fix em before they leave lol
I'm planning on doing a good bit of spraying on Sat, and get a good burn down. If we continue to get decent rain, I am going to put in some early fall plots, in hopes to have something up that the deer will be using on Oct 1, instead of just getting it in the ground good.
I'll hang bow stands here shortly. Then I try to get my bow plots in the ground around the 20th of sept if weather allows. If conditions are just rite I may go ahead and put all my plots in.

I planted a 1.5-2 acre pea patch mid July and it is doin awesome. Homemade "deer fence" has kept em out so far and I'm hoping it will be getting hit hard come opening day.
Cleaning up after a first thin on a couple of areas. Will spray to knock out sweet gum and such this fall. Won't be much there this year but should provide lots of browse next year. I figure I can provide a lot more browse in a thinned pine plantation than I could ever plant in the way of food plots. Got more shooting lanes now than I know what to do with.
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