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LifeProof or Otterbox for iPhone 5S

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For all of you folks out there that give your phones heck which is the better case for an iPhone 5S?

The Lifeproof case or Otterbox?
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I personally vote lifeproof. I have dropped mine from all heights and even dropped it to the bottom of a slough duck hunting this year. Phone still looks brand new
I have had both but prefer lifeproof hands down
I had a life proof and actually liked it better, it held up better but for some reason nobody could hear me... I dunno why. I ended up gettin an otter box and I like it too, it's just bulky and the rubber always gets loose. They say you can contact otterbox and they will warranty it but I never have.. I think both are solid
I've got an otter on my iPhone and like it. I've heard the same thing from several friends about the hearing problem with the life proof
I really like my lifeproof. No hearing problems. Wish they had made the camo when I bought mine.
Lifeproof. Ive dropped it. Left it on truck and it skid down the road,spilled stuff on it. Left it on the boat 2 weeks ago luckily it fell off in the parking lot. Dunno how many times it got runover but the case was in rough shape phone still looks brand new.
Just to clarify, there is a Lifeproof "fre" and "nuud" case. The fre has a screen protector and the nuud does not have the screen protector. Are all you Lifeproof guys using the fre case with the screen protector?
I have used both. I liked the lifeproof because it wasn't as bulky. But I couldn't hear a thing out of it. Ive used otter box majority of the time. I don't have any complaints with it. Yes its bulky but you get used to it. The rubber may tear and loosen up. Just call them and they will take care of it. No questions asked other than emailing them a picture.
Yes the lifeproof with the screen protector
I have only used the Lifeproof. I have dropped it countless times and gotten it wet. I actually just dropped it this morning while checking out at Lowes. It fell from the counter face down. The Otter box has always looked so bulky to me, that was the main reason I have never used one.
Had the Otter Box on my old phone and it did a good job. I got the Lifeproof for my Iphone because it's waterproof and the screen protector. So far so good.
I went with the Lifeproof. Thanks for the input fellas.
They are both junk. I've had both and had both come apart on me. I liked the Lifeproof best till the screen started peeling off.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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