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Lock on stands for sale

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I've got 2 Summit Hawk lock on stands and a Summit stick ladder for sale. All 3 are about 5-6 years old and in great shape. These stands weigh about 13lbs and stick to the tree as good as the climbers. I hunt mainly public land so these stands weren't left in the woods for any length of time. All aluminum. Stands come with hangers and I believe I've still got the safety harnesses that came with them. The stand on the left is the older model with the removable foam seat. The right one is a newer model with the same seat that the current model has. The right one also has the foot rest added. Both have back pack straps. The ladder is a 3-piece made of steel, and I believe it's 17-18ft. I'll take $75 for the older stand, $90 for the one with foot rest and $40 for the ladder. If you want it all, I'll take $180. I'm in Pearl. Kevin 601-566-4255
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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