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Looks like I'm the latest victim of GM's brake line debacle.

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I was towing a small trailer down through Troy on Tuesday, headed to Tallahassee when a semi made a left turn right in front of me and couldn't clear the intersection. I hit the brakes and the pedal went all the way to the floor. Luckily, I was able to stop in time. I made it all the way to Tallahassee and back using just engine compression and parking brakes to stop (luckily a 3/4 ton truck has larger parking brakes on their own drum inside the rear disks).

There is fluid sprayed all over the frame rail but I haven't been able to determine which line failed. I need to add some more fluid and watch while someone pumps the brakes.

The NTSB has an open case with GM over their brake line rust-outs but GM says it's "a mainenance issue not a safety issue". What a load of crap! NTSB has been trying to force GM to do a recall but until someone gets killed because of it they really don't have any teeth to force the issue.

Has anyone else had to do a complete replacement of GMs rusted brake lines? I know I can get pre-bent stainless lines (7 total for my truck) for about $250. I've never replace brake lines before but I figure it can't be that hard as long as the fittings aren't rusted together to where I can't get them off.
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