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MDWFP Survey?

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I assume many of you have gotten your MDWFP deer survey in the last day or two via email. The questions they are asking is pretty heavy stuff. At least one question dealt with making the doe only firearm/PW season run the month of October as an extension to its current period. I think that going to run afoul with not only bowhunters but also the small game hunters...many don't want to hunt when orange is in the woods.

There was also quite a few questions about liberalization of the CWD harvest criteria where the disease is at. It was just an observation on my part (which is likely flawed) but it appears that the department might be trying to build a case for a straight OCT/JAN gun season in the effected CWD zones. The only other explanation are they are starting to try to condition the hunting base to a straight gun season.

Those who got it, what were your thoughts? Frankly, I don't think we have been over populated with deer for a very long time.
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I haven't received one as of yet. Was in my junk mail folder for some reason. We don't need that silly early antlerless season before gun season and sure don't need it increased in duration. I haven't PW firearm hunted that season is several years and am glad most of our camp members likewise skip it. Let the archery guys have their fun until gun season. Then, open up guns until the end. The more they tinker with it, the less people understand. If there are any DMAP clubs that aren't getting their does in, its by choice given that there are already months of gun opportunity.
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I haven’t shot a doe in probably 4-5 years because we don’t have that many and from all the shots I hear around me it’s probably good that I haven’t.
I’m not in a CWD zone but I for sure hope they don’t try to extend the gun season…I can’t speak for other areas of the state but if that happens I think the deer herd around me will take a huge hit-and they can’t afford that.
I feel if they do extend the gun season in those particular areas then it’s just a matter of time before the whole state ends up that way…CWD or not.
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Mark, I took the survey to mean basically what you said. The department is setting the table for a larger harvest to slow CWD.
If we kill every deer in the state we will be the first to successfully stop the spread of CWD. Maybe that will be next. The places I hunt have sucked for the last 10 years. And get worse each year. In the 60 years that CWD has been around is there 1 success story or is everyone just winging it? It’s the old idea of doing something is better than doing nothing even though the end result is the same. Honestly, I don’t want a survey asking my opinion on game laws and harvests. You’d think we would have professionals that could make those decisions based on what’s best for our deer herd. Hopefully it isn’t the same ones who have made the decisions over the last 25 years that ruined it. I know some of the people that are getting these surveys and they’ve never made a good decision in their life. After seeing our turkey numbers at the lowest in 40 years but we refuse to shorten seasons or lower limits I have no faith in anything productive being done. But, that’s just my negative opinion.
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The kill ‘em all plan for CWD worked in New York, where they had a small outbreak. Other areas, not so much.
You’d think we would have professionals that could make those decisions based on what’s best for our deer herd.
One could only wish, but with political appointees occupying the Commission "what is best for the herd" isn't always what we get.
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A wise older hunter told me 15 years ago we were going to eradicate them and have to restock. i just hope we restock with a strain of deer that grows bigger antlers.
The deer herd in my area was in decline before cwd made an appearance. We are down around 50% from our kills 12 years ago. The body weights are down and well. The one doze fits all just isn't going to work in this case.
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