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Mission Accomplished 7/11/14

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Finally got back on the water and had some pretty weather. Took my oldest boy who absolutely loves to be on the water, and who is signed up for the Youth Star tourney. So our mission was to stay in close and pound shorelines to catch a flounder to enter because I have been struggling to catch trout all year. Well wouldn't you know that the first cast he makes a 15" trout is in the boat, so now the pressure is off. We stay at that reef and boat another 5 or 6 trout caught several heads and short trout bout out of our shrimp at this time. So enough trout, he wants to go to the shoreline and redfish and try flounder. Saw a big school of pogies and one throw of the net we had hundreds. (After reading the pogies post last week I wanted to try em). We boated 6 reds 19-25", several rat reds, two more trout one 3.5lbs. Fish are eating everywhere and a big cloud is building and I tell him we gotta go. One more cast daddy, I say ok. Hits the water and he says got a bump, he counts to five and he sets the hook and there's his flounder to finish his slam. Great day to be out there and I am sold on the pogies. All fish were caught in MS water. He is now entered in the youth division for the boat drawing. Maybe his luck will stay with him.
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Sounds like the perfect day for a father and son.
Way to go dad! I am sure that inshore slam with his dad will be a good memory for years to come.
Great story
Man that's just great. Your cultivating that interest of fishing and the outdoors with that boy. Good job .
BTW, I have a SS fish cleaning station just like yours. Mine came out of an school kitchen re-mod.
The time you are spending with your son will pay huge dividends. Nice job as a guide and even better job as a dad. Kid looks just like you.
Thanks guys. We have fun doing a lot of things and I'm a believer in keeping kids involved with something and I'm lucky to have two that love the outdoors.
Wild bill, I Think my pops got the table from an old KFC many years ago. I added a 1'x4' piece of Teflon across the front. It works great.
Awesome trip jharv! He will remember it forever I'm sure! (Especially if it lands him a new boat from the CCA tournament! Good luck!)
Tman, I'm sure he won't win it, but as lucky as he is I wouldn't be suprised.
I tell him all the time that I would rather be lucky than good.
The boat has a limited span of usefulness. The memories you two made will last both of your lifetimes. Congrats on a great and memorable trip.
That's great! Can't wait until my son is old enough to go with me.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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