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Mississippi Traditional Bowhunters Bow GiveAway

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New Bow Giveaway for membership drive!!!!!

Today is our lucky day! Brandon Stahl of Rose Oak Creations has donated one of his creations for the lucky winner of the drawing to take place at the campout. You DO NOT have to be present to win. Everyone gets 1 name in the bucket if they have joined MTB 10 seconds before drawing!!!. I know Brandon and his work through encounters from former PBS Banquets. His bows are the high bar in my book, period. Classic design, flawless workmanship and almost to pretty to take hunting....He is donating an Ultra DeLight Recurve of winners choice of weight and lenght to be entered in his log. Brandon is 8 months to a year out. So dont bug him two weeks after you win it asking for your bow or it rotates over to ME!!!!!!!!! club rule. Brandon emailed me with this offer and and i was floored. I cant thank Brandon personally enough for helping MTB get off the ground and we owe him a nice hawg if he can ever break away one fall and hunt with us!! ( would offer a deer but i think his are bigger!!!).. Brandon your the tops buddy!!! thank you so much


http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i150/jmb1221/RoseOak_zps419bb954.jpg"[/URL] border="0" alt=" photo RoseOak_zps419bb954.jpg"/></a>[/IMG]


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Incredibly thoughtful on behalf of the bowyer. I've always believed that the fraternity of traditional bowhunters is without equal. When things like this happens, it just reinforces those beliefs!
Fixin to bust 100 members in 4 weeks!! thanks everyone! dont forget the hunt Oct 24th
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