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Mixed bag

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Another great pic!

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Little bit of everything in that one.
I will take a pass on that big black drum though!
I was going to mention that as well Pete. Why in the world would you keep it?

Well, when I was still Active Duty, we had a woman that worked down in supply. She LOVED going crabbing on the piers. Her favorite bait was fish chunks. So every once in a while I would keep a larger one for her. I would just cut it into chunks and freeze it before giving it to her. She loved it!
I have traded them on the pier for bait etc. before. Last time, you would have thought I gave the guy a $100 bill.
I read all of the time about people turning down drum or how nasty they are. They taste exactly like a redfish. I do realize that the really big ones have worms, so wouldn't keep them either.
To me, the taste of a big drum is pretty nasty as well. It kind of reminds me of oily rubber.
Yes, the small ones are pretty good!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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