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MO and AR

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Made a trip up to Branson and kayaked and fished on our way back home. Fished lake Taneycomo and then hit Jacks Fork, Current, and Spring Rivers. The last pic are some AR waders Liberty overalls with water shoes. I just had to take a picture.


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I bet Spring River is popular about now...nice, trout and smallies(?) in the cool water. What's a beach?
Dam 3 boat launch[laugh]...Need to float real early fishing to avoid the crazies.
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Yeah we left from dam three but it was on Monday morning only saw a few other boats. Floated it one weekend last year but hit the water early and missed the crowds. Try not to go on the weekends.
Call several nice 12-13 inch trout. Not near as many as last year but bigger ones.
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