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Mrs. JMD's First Red

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Heather's first redfish! She's hooked now.
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First redfish is always cool. Redfish are addicting and something I am going to fish for more when my boat is done.
That's for sure. Anytime I take someone that likes freshwater fishing, I try to put them on a Redfish, Once you have caught your first Redfish you are ruined.

Strong fish, likes to hang in shallows, you can sight fish for them when conditions are right, good eating, and generally aggressive. I don't think you could design a better fish!
You are a blessed man if your wife fishes or hunts with you!
You are a blessed man if your wife fishes or hunts with you!
She and my daughter love both!
That's just cool man. I loved when my Misses caught her first of each species. Those memories just hang with you.

Now, my Wife will not hunt with me. But after the deer is quartered, and no longer looks like Bambi, she'll jump right in and help process (we do our own).
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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