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MS Traditional Bowhunters is born!

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For the romance of bowhunting with simple traditional bowhunting equipment and the need to share a campfire to continue this brotherhood, The Mississippi Traditional Bowhunters was proudly founded. We are a group of bow hunters that enjoy hunting big and/or small game with traditional hunting equipment . Our agenda is pure and simple. To enjoy Mississippi outdoors hunting with our traditional bow hunting equipment and relish fellowship when possible among like minded traditional bowhunters that share common values and ethics this great sport offers us.

The MTB is an organization with basically no agenda except to be fraternal amongst our peers who also enjoy our traditional bowhunting sport. So many bowhunting organizations get clogged down on money matters, 3 D shoots responsibilities, fighting among officers and etc. There are so many other fine bowhuniting organizations that raise money, put on shoots and have officers to carry this flag in the state of Mississippi. Thank goodness and we need to support them. However the MTB will have none of the following except meet once a year in a campout/hunting environment and socialize on our website throughout the year. The closet thing we will have for an officer is the Campout committee.

(I did away with the hyperlink) Cut and paste mstradbowhunters.webs.com into your browser.
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Good deal!! I have already signed up. This is a great opportunity to promote traditional archery in our great state.
Good deal, the web site is temporarily down according to my phone, but i will check it out later.
I'm in as well. Saw the website Thursday! Looks great!

Apparently, they are working on the website as it doesn't connect at the moment.
Please keep me posted if there is any website grief. We are going with the most cost efficient (cheap/free) option available to get things running and keep member cost down. The intent if at all possible is to just have the 1 time initiation fee and not have to ever pay again. We will have to see how it all pans out in the future.

I have been making constant changes to the website so that may be why. Just make sure that you are going to mstradbowhunters.webs.com.
That is part of the price of a free website. But if there is any grief other than me constantly tinkering, then we will look for a better website hosting option.

I think the link I posted is bad, try to copy and paste mstradbowhunters.webs.com
Im in! I cant shoot anymore but I will support yall. <>< del
thanks and lets go!

Big shout out to Brucker ( destructive mechanic)for the website. Patches and decals are coming this week. well patches this week and decals in two weeks. The forum is free for all and bascially $$ membership to join is $10 and you get a patch and decal.. Thats a LIFETIME one time cost!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $10 and you help start what is going to be a special fraternal traditional bowhunting family for our great state.

We are going to need some help with the fall Campout and Hunt> Matt Stead will be asking for that later.

Really looking forward to meeting my Traditional brothers here in the state! joey buchanan, oxford ms
Did the old one quit ? used to meet at Enid lake every year for several days for a big shoot .
Well, it looks like our Org is taking off! MS Trad Bowhunters now has members from 20 states and two countries! Its booming!
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