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Jacob points his family and friends to this post over on the MDWFP forums and I just want to save it for posterity...

Been hunting hard all year to get the
boy a deer. He had a couple chances but missed once and couldn't get on
the deer in time on some other occasions. We took him this weekend
looking for a big ol nanny for him to shoot. His mother and I both sat
with him in the stand. Neither of us wanted to miss this show. At 3:00
or so a yearling came out and started feeding. After watching her for a
while, she throws her head up and stares down the road behind us. I
turn and catch just a glimpse of a good buck crossing the road. He was
moving way too fast, so we just started hoping that he would circle
around behind the yearling and come out. About 4:00 some other does
made their way to the plot. We had a big doe picked out for him to
shoot but vowed to wait as long as he could stand it. At about 4:30
this buck pops out right where the biggest doe appeared earlier. He
checks her out, but she is not interested and he starts feeding. We let
him feed to 75 yards and Jacob made a good shot on him. He hit him a
little far back, the deer takes a step at the last second. The 139
grain SST Hornady from his mothers 7mm-08 did the job. He caught the
rear of the lungs, not the guts. After a high double rear leg kick, the
deer ran maybe 50 yards and fell just inside the wood line.

is Jacob's first deer ever and it's a good one. His mama and I were
shaking as hard or harder then he was. He did me proud. He gathered
himself and got his nerves under control. Also, he picked out the
smaller deer on his own and wasn't about to shoot one of those. I told
him the bigger deer come out last, and he wanted to wait for the biggest
doe. He got a nice buck instead! 17 5/8" spread, 165 lbs, he was slim
after the rut...

Filmed with a digital photo camera, so quality
is poor and camera man is a rookie, but hopefully you'll get the

Video link :


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