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New lid style Hen box

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These calls are for sale Guys. If you want to contact me just pm me I'll send you my home number. This is a first time for me to use my logo engraved on the lid of a box call. Zebra Wood and Jatoba lid.
This call is a Honduran Mahogany and Honduran Rose Wood paddle that I had engraved with a feather that Steve did for me. I have another Lid with a different feather that Steve did but I haven't decided which call it will Show up on. *peep*

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Nice Richard!! I like that leather keeper too!
Btw I mailed those wood blocks yesterday.
That was Randy's ideal. Does look better doesn't it.
That was Randy's ideal. Does look better doesn't it.
Plastic on a wood call is like polishing a turd.
Randy anyone should always take a good ideal . Thanks oh you are correct about the turd.
Strutnrut, do you ever use Sitka Spruce? I'm wondering how that would sound. I know that luthiers (guitar makers) use sitka spruce specifically due to its sound resonating qualities.
Very nice!!! I sure do like my box. .. and the turkeys do too!
Mighty nice boxes Richard. That engraving is a nice touch!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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