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New Member, Found Y'all Through MSGO

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I seen a recommended forums list on MSGO (Mississippi Gun Owners) figured I might as well stop in. I've been on MSGO for several years, and I'm known for making knives on there. Here are some pictures of a few I just finished for fellow MSGO members. One of them is huge, I've got an 8 inch knife I'm working on next to it for reference.

If y'all think you'd like to see some more I've got all kinds of pictures of them I can upload. I look forward to being on here.

Helmet Sleeve Wood Plant Natural material
Vertebrate Plant Knife Wood Natural material
Plant Green Botany Wood Grass
Plant Knife Wood Grass Tree
Plant Hunting knife Grass Knife Vegetable
Grass Wood Knife Hunting knife Blade
Tool Hunting knife Knife Plant Wood
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