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New Plastics

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My 2 boxes I carry on my boat are full of mostly Matrix Shad with a good account of Saltwater Assassins, Norton Sand Eel Jrs, H&H Sparkle Beetles, and Gulp. The last thing I need is more plastics....however, the Slayer line of plastics has a great selection of natural colors like I use, along with three body styles. I've got a few of these and like them. Check out Slayer plastics on their website, I heard about these from Capt Trey Fryfogle and some of the other Redfish Pros. If you are a jig fanatic like me, you should check out these.

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I use to try lots of brands and types but can't get away from matrix and basically quit buying or carrying anything else. However, I've looked at the slayers and like them. Just wish someone local carried them, but there are definitely a couple colors they have I think I need to add to my box
They will be in academy soon Hoyt.
Good to hear. I like to put my hands on what I buy. I know they are a pretty well established brand in Florida and saw them at a couple local shops there. Glad to see it spreading
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