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Hello everyone. I finally got a profile on here and I just wanted to say I have enjoyed reading the posts for the past couple months. I'm in the process of learning to wade fish for specks, reds and flounder. I'll be headed down to waveland Saturday morning for a half day trip or so. If anyone has any tips or advice that they would wanna share with me, it would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks
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Welcome tanner...im right down the road in Purvis but when go down i usually fish on the eastside around Biloxi.....you can find some great advice on BSL by looking up posts by Fish Whisperer....one great one i remember...i'll see if i can find it and get you a link.

Here it is...
Welcome to the bull!
Oh,if your going saturday you really need to be there early to beat the crowds and boat traffic,the pressure really makes a difference,if you ever want to fish over around Biloxi PM me, i know of a few good spots to get you started over that way.
Welcome to the Bull. I look forward to your comments.
Welcome aboard!

There are a great group of fellas here, complete with:
- great stories
- awesome joking around
- wonderful advice
- incredible BS'ing!
Welcome to the Bull. Since your just starting out wading and going to start in the Waveland area best thing you can do is fish the old pier remains. And I mean any pier remains you can find. Just hop from pier to pier to pier, start fishing them just about as soon as your feet get wet and fish them clear out to the ends and farther if water depth allows. If you have 2 old pier remains running parallel fish the piers themselves and in between the two of them and on the inside and outside of both of them because the trout can be any where. You hit enough pier remains in the Waveland area and are fishing the right ones at the right time you will catch some fish.
Sorry I have never waded or fished in Waveland. Thought I would through my welcome out to you though. I too am for Hattiesburg. Blessings
Sorry for the delayed response. Welcome! They have it pretty well covered in the way of advice. Don't wade too much in BSL, but kayak fishing, pier fishing and flounder gigging? That's a different story.
Late to the party as well. Welcome to the forum this is the best group on the webertubes. I call Hattiesburg home as well. If I can help, let me know.
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