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New to Kayak'n

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Me and the wife broke down and bought two kayaks, we are wanting to try them out this weekend and a local lake or river.. I got a 12' sit-on set up for fishing, and she got a 10' sit-in.. I will probably do a little fishing, but she will just tag along.. Do we have to have any registration, license, jackets or anything like that with us? Like i said we are new to this and know absolutely nothing about it, any advice would be great...

Thanks in Advance!
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Post this question in the Saltwater forum. There is a large group of Kayak fishermen that frequent the Saltwater board. They should have plenty of info and suggestions for you.
It doesn't have to be registered unless it has any kind of motor on it and you do need to have life jackets though.
Thanks guys, i made a post in the Salt Water forum..
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