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New Vortex Colors are Showing Up!

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Claiborne Hill has some of the new Vortex colors. I picked up a few packages this evening, as well as a resupply of Vudu. For such a small fishing supply display, I sure do like what they carry! And their prices aren't too bad either.
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Good to know, I may ride by on my way back up to the Burg this afternoon. They do carry quality stuff and make a tasty sammich as well.
I stopped by Claiborne Hill for the first time Friday, and I loved the place. Awesome store with lots of good looking food & they have a good selection of quality tackle. Oh, and my girlfriend was in love with all the different teas they had [confused]

Anyway, I've used the purple haze and caught some trout on it, and I picked up some of the blazin hornet but haven't thrown them yet.
I'm really eager to get that Blazing Hornet broken in.
They are the best prices in town on matrix and vudu and the boat money corks too. Y'all need to try them cigar style Corks they make. You'll never go back. Garrett (the manager) and Chas Champagne are college buddies I do believe.
Not to mention, anyone with kids that burn thru milk like we do. They have milk in their circular for.$2.90something. That's cheap!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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