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Newbie saying hello

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Raised in MS. Lived in Houston TX for the last 15 yrs. MS will always be my home. Do all my hunting just north of Vicksburg. Got hooked on trad 10 yrs ago. Haven't hunted any other way since. Started building my own bows 9 yrs ago. I guess you could say I'm all in. Glad to be a part of the Bull.

Couple rigs I built last year for St Jude auction

Even built some woodies to go with them.

And a bucket list moment. P&Y with a home made bow. In TX (low fence). My next bucket list item is to kill a P&Y on my own little place with one of my bows.

Thanks for looking.

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Nice buck and welcome to the bull. Great group of guys on here.
Welcome to the bull Dan, been a long time, that's a good looking bow you made there, nice deer too, hope you get many more.
Thanks men glad to be here.
Welcome aboard man, love those woodies and that's a great buck
Wow, those are some stunning bows Dan! Welcome aboard.
Thanks all. I am looking forward to learning more about y'all and seeing your dead critter pics as we get into the season. At least in my area the deer should reach whatever potential they have. It's rained about once a week since November. I'm need to mow my plots but it's been wet every time I have the time.
Missed this the first time through. Welcome to the bull! Beautiful bows and a fine buck as well!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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