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Newborn Twins

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I went to the camp to check out a few things on Saturday. I was inspecting the outside of the camp and a doe took off out of the corner of the yard. I decided to go inspect and another doe took off about 10' away, she bounced off about 30 yards and I could see some of the placenta still hanging out. I looked around and spotted these fresh newborns. I took a few pics and eased out, so momma would come back.

I did the math, and this doe was bred on Dec 22, 2013 +/-


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Wow! Very cool! [cool][thumbup]
That's awesome. What part of the state?
Yazoo Co Hills. First time in all my years to see anything like that... literally minutes old
Now that is cool!!! Not many people see that. Very cool picture!!
Thats crazy timing. Congrats on just an awesome experience.
It looks like you walked right on top of them. Hopefully she returned
It looks like you walked right on top of them. Hopefully she returned
She was about 40-50 yards away, watching me. I was only there for a few seconds, enough to snap some pics. I'm fairly certain she came back. I had plans of doing some work around the camp house, but I eased out and left the place after finding them.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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