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On the Beach, 6-21, 6-22

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The past few trips I've been doing a lot of running without much to show for it at the end of the trip but a high fuel bill. This past weekend I decided to end that. Saturday my brother fished one of the artificial reefs on the beach in Biloxi.
When we arrived I pulled back on the throttle and shut down the about 200 yds away from the GPS numbers. We were immediately surrounded by jumping shrimp. Any lure cast in the vicinity brought an instant strike. Most of the fish were white trout with smaller specks thrown in. I tied on a popping plug, The kind Bass Pro always has in their $1.97 bin and began getting strikes but not too many hook ups. I did mange to catch a few whites up on top before I put it away and broke out the cork rig. The cork with a pink matrix was doing a good on whites and throwback specks. For my brother it was a cork and a glow beetle, he even managed to put a few keepers in the boat. He also caught a keeper on my popper. I had brought a little ultralight spinning rig so I tied a pink vudu to it The white trout were hammering that thing and I lost a 16" trout trying to lift it over the gunnel. By 7 am the shrimp had quit jumping put some pogies had moves in and the fish were still feeding. I was tired of cork fishing so I removed it from my spinning rig and tied on a 14MR "minidine".
My first cast with that bait produced a 16" speck the next cast a 12 1/2' throw back and the third and fourth cast produced back to back 14" keepers. My brother soon asked for one of the minidines ut I only had the one. His brother inlaw had left a softdine laying on my console so he began to fish that and started catching some keeper fish also. White trout were also hitting the "dine" baits. We fished until 8:30, at that time 3 boats joined us on the reef ut It didn't matter the speckled trout had pretty much shut down at 8 am. We finished with 15 specks and 41 white trout in the box.

On Sunday morning my brother had to attend a presentation his daughter was taking part in So I fished the same place alone. I launched a 4:30 to get there before daylight. The plan worked to perfection except there were no shrimp to be seen. There were plenty of bait fish popping and the occasional boil showed that fish were there feeding. I began throwing the minidine again but the only takers were white trout and throwbacks. A change to the 17MR began to produce some larger fish. I also caught a few nice fish on top using a yo-zuri walking dog, a bait that's been discontinued for some years. The skitter walk produced several blowups but only one fish took it. he felt good but managed to wrap around the trolling motor and pull off the hooks before I got a look at him. I left ther about 830 with ten keepers and 4 white trout in the boat. I caught several more white trout but only kept the gill hooked ones . On the way bay to the launch I saw several birds woking over another reef. a quick stop and a few castr produced my eleventh and final keeper of the day> I finished with one 18" two 16" and one 15" fish. the other 7 were all within 1/8" plus or minus of being 14".

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Nice job DB. I think many of the reefs out front have that kind of action going on right now.
it was your report last week that made me think to look further east
it was your report last week that made me think to look further east
Awesome, always happy when one of the reports we all post on here helps out.
Good job Bob. You saw a possible trend, made a plan, and executed. Nice fish pics to boot!
Great looking catch Bob. Glad to see the near-shore reefs heating up. Sounds like first light is the time to be there for sure.
Almost felt like I was there, great write up on the trip and nice job on the fish
Are these reefs somewhere around the lighthouse? We've been fishing horn, ship, and katrina and have had terrible luck.
Very nice! Great report and some great fish right there!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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