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Opinions wanted

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What do y'all think about the Navionics platinum+ card? I am getting a Simrad NSS7 Evo2 installed on the new boat and I am considering the Navionics card.
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I use NAVIONICS. I have not used the platinum though. But I have used a number of the Gold chips since 2007. They seem to be about equal to other chips in the same price range and are easy to load.
I wish I had use a wider variety to give you a more detailed opinion, but that's about it.
The biggest issue with Navionics is their offerings are so confusing. It not a clear, Good, Better, Best product line. And their update process is just as confusing depending on which product you go with.

Sorry not opinion or answer other than to really compare the feature of each offering, as well as what the upgrade path will be next year.
I have that card in a Lowrance HDS7 and have been pleased with it. Last year I picked up the standard mapping "chips" from Stevie and have been using them.
You will love the NSS. I put a NSS8 on my skiff and if I get a bay boat I will go with the NSS9evo. Since I fish mostly the marsh I use the standard mapping cards and they are the best. I just use the insight preloaded maps when out in areas not covered by the ecards so can't address the upgraded Navionics cards.

I know its a step up in cost but think about going to the 9". When I jumped up from the 7" to an 8" I was really surprised how much an improvement it was for being able to use the system.
Well apparently someone really wanted my nss7 because they broke into Ocean Marine last night and stole my electronics! I hate a thief!!!!!!!!!!!! I was very excited about picking up my new boat today and woke up to this!
Oh Mannnnnn. That is gut-wrenching!

The saddest part is that it was probably someone that does NOT work. They feel as though they have a right to things they did not earn, and are willing to hurt a hard-worker's wallet to continue on their sad path.

This is just sad. I drove down to the harbor today just to see if I could get a glimpse of her too.
She will be there tomorrow.
She will be there tomorrow.
Make sure to post up some pics of the finished product!!
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