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P.S. Olt duck calls

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I have a pair of P.S. Olt duck calls, Model no. D-2. Great condition, hardly used. $50 ea. text 6626941471 for pics/info. Located in Starkville.
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I think round bore, but to be honest, I'm not positive...the bottom comes off one of them, the other one doesn't appear to (I don't want to force it and damage it). I can take insert out and send pic if you'd like.
You can see the hole without taking them apart. It is round or round with slot like a skeleton key hole. Keyhole calls a rarer and might be worth the asking price but round are common and the age of call come into play on price. I would need to see the call to tell. What kind of markings are on the side. A common d2 the price you are asking seems high in my opinion, But you never know what some people are willing to pay for somethings.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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