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Parking lot help

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Honestly this has nothing to do with fishing but I need some help on the Coast and figured this was the best forum. I'm looking for a very large open parking lot to hold the MS Truck Driving Championships on next year. Thinking of an old Walmart lot, movie theater, etc. Talked to the Gulfport waterpark but they're opening the same weekend so that's out. The coliseum isn't big enough due to the layout. Would rather not use a casino. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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How big? Hardy Court shopping center (Courthouse rd and Pass rd gulfport) has a pretty big lot that was at onetime parking for a now demolished movie theater. I have seen where they have barricaded it off for Cruising the Coast and other such events. It's pretty big, but not gigantic.

A little bigger, the parking lot of the now closed Kmart, (Lorraine Rd and Pass Rd Gulfport), but it has open businesses on the edges of that parking lot.
There are a few others on pass rd toward the Biloxi side as well that might work out.

Sadly abandoned or nearly abandoned shopping centers are way to common in our area.

Beligicans in Diberville host cruise ins at their place and I know that have accomadates a couple of hundered cars.
Hardy Court might work, although it's not exactly smooth.

I'm not sure what they did with the old Biloxi Walmart lot but might be a possibility.

If it would bring money the Promenade might work with you. Wouldn't be able to damage the lot or anything but the area by Kohl's is never full and pretty open. Be close to Dicks and Target and the restaurants which would obviously increase their foot traffic.
The old waveland market is a vacant lot since they tore down the shopping center it's massive, I will get the number for you in a few minutes
What about the old Kmart on pass?
It's 12.8 acres, managed by Edward J Murphy, number was hidden on the sign
Wow, thanks for all the responses! As far as size goes, I think each course is 50' x 150' and we set up 2 courses but have to have room for trucks to maneuver, tents, etc. Last year we used the old Sam's parking lot at Cresote and 49 in Gulfport. We've also used Fayard's big container/pallet lot off of Seaway. We'll probably use Fayards again but wanted to make sure we had a backup in case something fell through. Pre-Katrina we used the Coliseum for years but that was when we only set up one course. Thanks again for the help!
They are in the process of tearing down the Singing River Mall in Gautier. It has a huge parking lot. A few stores are still open and most of the parking still seems to be in tact.
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