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Pascagoula Native Returning to Area for Holiday Weekend

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I grew up fishing the coastal waters of Pascagoula - pretty much fishing the marshes and areas of Krebs Lake. Haven't fished the area in about 25 years.

I presently live in Pensacola and fish the bay and river systems in the Pensacola area - the waters from Perdido to Navarre are most familiar. I've been fishing the Pensacola area for about 10 years.

I am trailering my flats boat over there Wednesday (7/2) through Saturday (7/5) - I want to show my 14 yo son my "home" waters and to take my father and grandfather fishing too.

I have a couple of questions and I hope some of y'all will answer:

  • Are there any ethanol free gas stations in the Pascagoula or Moss Point areas?
  • Are fish still holding up in the marshes? Or, should I concentrate my fishing to out in front of Pascagoula and maybe around the home port?
  • We will be at Petit Bois Friday night into Saturday and I'll be with my brother-in-law and he has limited knowledge of the Island. Any pointers there - just work the grass beds and sand bars?
I am NOT asking for your honey holes, I'm just trying to come up with a game plan.

Also, if you ever visit the Pensacola area and need a guide then please let me know and I'll help to put you on the fish here.
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I don't fish that area, so can't help. But before some of the other guys come along. One thing you might want to clear up is "Fish"

Are you looking for a specific species or any fish. The reason I ask is there might be Redfish in the area, but not Trout. So they need to know if you are looking for just Trout or ?
Just whatever - specks, reds, flounder...just something to tighten the line.

From reading posts on your forum, it looks like a lot of specks and stuff near the islands and such.

I really just want to get out on the water and have some idea on where to go and what to expect to target.
I can't be area specific not being from the east side but can tell you most the action is out front. Cat Island has been good lately.
The Chevron on Ingalls Ave has non-ethanol gas.
The marsh is doing ok right now. Also might want to try out front around the home port bridge and over toward Gautier. Good luck.
Cat has been great lately. I'm just not sure if I would personally take a flats boat out there the way these T-storms have been popping up here lately.
The Chevron on Ingalls Ave has non-ethanol gas.
The marsh is doing ok right now. Also might want to try out front around the home port bridge and over toward Gautier. Good luck.
That is the info I was looking for!

Thank you Marsh Pirate!
Also the gas station across the street from that Chevron, the full service station on the corner of Market/Ingalls did have it (probably still do). Also there is a station on 14th St just below the Hwy 90 overpass that has Ethonol free gas.

If you are going to Petit Bois with the family to pleasure boat, you may want to go to one of the ends. Seems to have more general fish action. There is some deeper drop offs you can try and hit.
You won't have trouble finding ethanol-free gas. Re: the fishing, marsh is holding plenty redfish and some flounder. Trout of any size are all out front. Try Grande Batture and the jetty south of the mudlump. Grand Batture was terrible in what should have been the prime time, but is picking up now. If you haven't been back here in awhile, they've put in a massive jetty off the south end of the mudlump to hold dredge spoils in the future. From what I hear, the most productive spots are in the gaps where the water flows in and out of the containment area. RE: Petit Bois, I only fish the east end. In case you aren't familiar with it, on the east end there is a cove where a pond used to run out. The whole cove is covered in grass beds and holds big trout. I always fish topwater, but a suspending or floating twitch Mirrolure or a Mirrodine would do the trick too. After the bite turns off in the cove, go to the south side and fish in the gullies between the sand bars with a plastic on bottom. Also, if the water is clean, there is good sight fishing for reds on the sand bar off the east end. Have to fish the mud lump jetty gaps and the cove at Petit Bois EARLY (like no later than 5:30am) because the bite turns off quick. By the way, Round Island is pretty messed up due to dredging going on. Good luck
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Thanks to everyone for the advice and Private Messages.

Hit the water early on Thursday morning.

Picked up Grandpa and launched at the point. We fished several spots out in front of Pascagoula. Picked up some white and speckled trout. Man o man were the ladyfish THICK. Fished the mud lump jetties and didn't have much luck.

Headed over to the CG station and fished around the bridge and jetties - found a few more trout.

Went up the river and into the marsh. Couldn't find any redfish, but got a lot of "boat time" with the man that introduced me to the water, so it's all good.

On Saturday I loaded up the family and we launched from the point and headed over to Petit Bois. Got anchored up in a decent spot and one everything was situated I waded out - armed with nothing but my 8wt and a chartreuse and white deceiver.

Caught 3 hardheads on the fly...a really unexpected catch, but a huge disappointment.

Fell into the beers soon after that and didn't pick up a rod for the rest of the day.

Was awesome to be back on Mississippi waters in my boat!

Thanks again to those on the forum that helped out!
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It's all about having a good time and it sounds like you accomplished that.
Great post and congrats on the catch and "boat time"...don't get much better than that
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