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Just for information. Went to the State Hwy Patrol Hdqtrs this morning to apply for concealed carry permit. Got there 9:25, out before 10:00. No hassles, no problems. Was first in line after the person already inside. Those bad-old-days of waiting in line for hours are gone!

Surprising: the picture you submit with the application does not go on the permit--it just gets put on microfiche and filed away somewhere. Great, because I had a lousy picture! They normally take a new picture for the permit. Instead, while I was standing in front of the camera they pulled up my drivers license file, said "Hey, that's a good picture! Want me to use it?" Considering the 60-yr-old subject matter, that picture was as good as it gets, so I said sure!

As long as I was getting the CC, I went ahead and added the Enhanced taking the course through Clyde Morgan at Sherman Hills Shooting Range.

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