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Pfiefer Keys Question

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I've heard that it used to be a really good wading spot. It's kind of out of the way and I haven't heard of anyone fishing it. From my understanding, it used to be island but is now just a sand bar like flat boat. Does anyone know if there is anything still going on out there?
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Don't know that one, sorry.
Man i had bout forgotten about that place. Its probably been 15 years since iv been there. Used to be several shell islands. I spent many a night there when i was little. We would wade all day then set the big rods out at night with mullet and catch bull reds all night.
Where Pfieffer Key was there is now 6 foot of water I've even felt around there with my push pole and couldn't find any shell on bottom, just mud. Katrina erased all traces of Pfieffer.
Like Bob said....it is only a historical mark on a chart now. Nothing but a memory.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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