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Piar of 17 Mach 2 Rifles + 600 rds of ammo

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1 is a custom shop Kimber with stainless, fluted barrel, a true work of art. The other is a Laminated stock Marlin. Both are in like new condition with the Kimber having less than 20 rnds through it and the Marlin around 50 rnds through it. Would like to sell as a package with 600 rnds of ammo. $1600 for the whole package. Just the Kimber alone cost more than that. Feel free to give me a call or text at 601-807-0490 with any questions. Thanks, Travis.
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Pics sent to interested parties.
All inquiries responded to. I found 2 more boxes of ammo, so I have 700 rnds that go with guns.
Found another whole brick of ammo in the safe, so the sale now includes more than 1200 rounds of ammo.
All pm's replied to. Let's try $1500 for the whole package.
Sold, please delete.
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