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Popping Cork Article

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I'm not a popping cork guy, just prefer a jig but I'll use them from time to time. Interesting article on methods and cork style. Guide is quoted about some of his ideas on trout breeding behavior, heard this idea and others not really sure which is true. Nonetheless a good read.

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Good reading..Thanks for posting
Thanks for the link! Interesting article and some good tips in there.

I assume his "beds" reference is drawing a parallel to freshwater fish actions. Definitely a range of opinion on that but none-the-less, interesting reading.

And an awesome area to fish no doubt! The options and versatility of there, Eloi to Breton Sound is tough to beat! And throw in the Biloxi Marsh as another near-by option for Plan C summer reds, I don't know of another part of Louisiana that I would rank higher.
Yeah my best understanding and best sources say that trout breed offshore in deeper moving water. Eggs are fertilized in mass and move along in current until hatching. Trout then move back inshore to rest and feed. Produces the same result, hungry aggressive trout.
Not to take away from the main subject of fishing with popping corks but I personally have never read anything to substantiate trout spawning in beds. I have read that trout spawn in good current areas "inshore or offshore" (we catch spawning females inshore so I have to believe this) so after the males fertilize them they are washed away in the current to hatch and fend for themselves.
"Fishing a jig under a cork, is still fishing, just another method of jig fishing". That's how it was told to me by a very good trout fisherman. I'm a plastic, jigger also, but now look at using a cork as just another means by which to jig fish.
I think you are right SJ, people compare them to bass a lot but I don't believe that's the case.

WM I agree with you and while it's not a top water bite watching the cork go down can be pretty fun. But to me there is nothing like feeling that thump and setting it home. Just a personal preference but in the end I'll do anything that puts fish in the cooler.
I have only been told and read similar things SJ. Specifically that trout eggs must remain suspended for best success and not sink to the bottom. That's why salinity is crucial.

It is interesting how many different opinions and theories are out there on this, especially from highly respected and experienced guides like the one in the article. I read another article from another highly regarded guide (Charlie Thomason in Hopedale) that had similar theories.

It's not taking anything away from their fish catching abilities! They are true experts, they know where to fish! Just the different theories of "why the fish are where they are" that is amazing
I wish the reasearch lab would do a presentation on the trout, redfish and flounder spawn cycle in our area.
I wish the reasearch lab would do a presentation on the trout, redfish and flounder spawn cycle in our area.
once we get through the upcoming CCA events in August, the plan is to have one of the head research lab guys give a presentation at a Biloxi Bay CCA Meeting on our trout fishery. I've been in contact with him, heard a little about what his team has been studying and we just need to pick a date that works for him and the chapter. Once we get to that point, I'll be sure to post the details.
Thanks TM. I need to get up with you sometime and find out more about the CCA and it's projects.
sure thing, maybe we can meet up one morning for a quick fishing trip.
I would certainly enjoy that TM. I'll shoot ya a PM one day soon and see what your schedule looks like.
I'll stick with BoatMonkey!

And yes, research that I have read show they spawn/fertilize in channels/passes. But, I sure would enjoy hearing it verbally from a biologist.
Did he say trout need carbs?
Hahaha I completely missed that and reread it to see if you were joking. He did in fact say trout "need carbs". Forget live shrimp, throw out a hot donut. That's how you get the big trout.
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