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Pretty tough

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On the water at daylight. First stop 2 trout 18" and 20" on Lemonhead and those were the last two trout caught. Hit a beach side reef and didn't even get a bump so we pulled the boat out of the water and went to the back. We caught several fish in the bay just not the right kind. The bay in BSL is full of Ladyfish right now. I did catch one nice flounder about 3 pounds in the bay over by the RR bridge on a Magneto Matrix. Also caught the beast below on a white with red head Skitterwalk. He hit my bait like 6 times on top before he hooked up so it was a pretty impressive and exciting strike sequence. We had the boat stuck with the stick and he almost spooled me before Willie could get the stick pulled. It ended up dragging the boat almost 300 yds out in the middle of the bay before I was able to get him to the Boga. It had a massive girth on it and was over 30 pounds by the Boga. We didn't take a fish home today. Not sure where the trout are right now but I know they weren't where we were this morning. Beautiful weather, beautiful water, so all in all it was a really enjoyable morning on the water. Willie kind of chopped some of it's tail off in the first pic.

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Bet that one gave you a work out! Nice pic!![cool]
Ladyfish are definitely thick right now, and hard to get a bait past them to anything else when they are around.
I went last night from 10:30 till 3:00 A.M.I caught a ton of Lady Fish & one 12 inch trout.Gotta take the bad with the good.Good Luck MM
Take notice fellas, The Legends at work catching trophy game fish in the Bay.
A jack like that will put a workout on trout gear. It's amazing how much different the bay is this year from last, in regards to trout.
Man I want to get a hold of one of those jacks just to get spooled. Glad to hear thr weather is nice my office doesn't have windows. I think the trout are hiding under the ladyfish eating their scraps.
It's amazing how much different the bay is this year from last, in regards to trout.
Only thing I can come up with is the salinity stayed so low for so long that the trout that usually stay in that area had to relocate some where else.

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I bet this fall they are back with a vengeance if we don't have a named storm..
Found similar over the weekend in biloxi and ocean springs. Just no trout around even though bait was thick. Haven't been to the islands for almost three weeks so I'm Jonesing
Nice pics SJ! Glad you and Willie were able to get out on the water!
Thats a sho nuff stud jack for trout gear. Nothing like a good jack or 2 to save the day and stretch the line when nothing else wants to play.
That Jack is a serious conversation piece for sure!

I had my nephews out from TX July 4th weekend. I took them out that Monday and we tied into one. I had the boys take turns on it and it actually took the reel's line all the way out to the knot before we got him turned. They are still yammering about it. :)
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