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question about feeders

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ive never put a feeder out. thinking of putting one or two out this year. do deer get used to them pretty fast ? or is putting something "new" to the deer around where i hunt going to spook them,make them come around less,etc ??
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It all depends on property, feed, type of feeder, and how pressured deer are.

I have a gravity protein feeder probably 50 yards from back door. We love watching them feed. They are pretty tolerant of us, but are skittish around hunting season. I fed protein pellets but started hand feeding corn for a few weeks and got them coming in regular before I put up feeder, I put several bags of corn in feeder along with hand feeding corn around it until they ate out of it a couple of weeks then gradually added protein for a couple of weeks then went straight protein.
I now routinely see 20-30 (sometimes more) deer by the house almost daily during daylight between feeder and clover plots by the house.

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