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question about pogies

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We fished out of Lafrance last weekend and it was very slow for us. As we were anchored on a point we saw some baitfish jumping not too far away and decided to move towards them. My son is learning to throw a net so he began throwing and was catching 2" pogies by the hundreds. We put one net full in the live well and he kept on throwing and releasing for practice. Do you guys ever fish with pogies for trout or redfish? We were able to stay with the school for a long time drifting, but never caught anything. We fished plastics tipped with shrimp on bottom and under a cork, used live pogies on bottom and under a cork and never got a bite. We normally fish off-shore and oh how I would have loved to get some of those live pogies while out there.
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Sorry guys i just saw the pogie thread from a couple of days ago.

No worries Bro!
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