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Question for used to be switchback xt owners

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I am looking for some opinions on buying a new bow or not. For all of you that once shot a switchback xt is a newer bow really worth the money. I have been shooting the switchback xt since it came out but the main reason is because I havent found anything I liked enough to sell it, the xt is a sweet shooting bow just not a speed demon. My problem now is I know in the next year or two I wont be able to afford upgrading for quite some time, so I feel like if im ever going to I need to now or I will be using the switchback for several more years. I havent shot one yet but the first bow I am going to shoot is the Elite Energy 32. Now for anyone that has the 32 are they really as sweet as everyone says. Also does anyone have any ideas on if they have any tuning issues or not. This is a concern of mine since I have only ever had to tune when I got new strings put on. Anyhow I am just curious if most of you truly think it is worth it. I dont really have much time to go spend a saturday going to different shops and shooting different bows right now so I was looking for opinions.
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I'm a former owner if a switch back Xt,, and the owner of a energy 32 now.
I hunted with my Xt for 4 seasons ," the longest " I've ever kept a bow , the Xt just fit me , and was still to date the quiets bow I've ever owned .
I've owned several bows since the Xt ,, absolutely none of them have compared to the Xt , until I got my hands on the elite bows.
The 32 is the closest thing to my ole Xt that I've shot .
Now , all this said , I'm a bow junky , I like swapping equipment.
If I where you I'd go shot the 32 / 35 and compare them to what you have now , If you decide on a new bow,, keep your Xt for a back up , I wish I still owned my Xt,, killed my top two bucks with it. And I have it to a family member who never uses it :(
This is exactley what I was looking for. Only someone who has owned an xt really knows how good they shoot. And I have no reason to get a new one but im ready for a change just to keep it exciting. I think I will keep it though if I do decide on a new one just to break out and hunt with sometimes.
I have a '05 Switchback (not XT version). The difference is longer ATA (33" vs 31'), shorter brace height (7.0" vs 7.5"), and 3fps faster IBO. I have just this year bought a new hunting bow and retired my SB. I went with the new version of the Matthews Chill, the Chill-X. It's a longer ATA bow (35"), with Matthews new Roc mods, which are a cable stop.

I shot a E32, a Hoyt Faktor, and the Matthews Chill-R before I shot the Chill-X. To be honest, they were all pretty close as far as shootability to me. The E32 and the Faktor both have great back walls compared to the SB. The E32 had smooth draw cycle. The Faktor seemed to have a bit of a vibration to me.

In the end, it was a bit of a toss up for me between the E32 and the Chill-X. I loved the Chill-X when I shot it though. Absolutely dead in the hand. One deciding factor is the shop I was going to buy the E32 from. I won't mention names, but they just didn't seem real interested in selling me a bow. I wanted to shoot an E35, but they said, here, just shoot the 32 instead. ?? And it took them about 15 minutes to even notice I was in thier archery department.

To answer your question, I loved my SB, but am glad I'm upgrading. The tech has come a long way since 05, and that new Matthews is a shooter. I decided I like a longer ATA bow these days. They just feel much better to shoot to me (much less side torque), and seriously, to me 5" in a treestand makes NO difference. We used to shoot 40" plus bows and I killed a pile of deer with them without issue.

Good luck in your search.
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If you decide on a new bow,, keep your Xt for a back up , I wish I still owned my Xt,, :(

I have a Hoyt Carbon Element now that I have been hunting with since my Switchback XT and really like it. BUT, I do not shoot it as well as the XT. I've told howie g numerous times I should be kicked in the butt for gettin' rid of it! Good Luck with your new one if you choose to get it, there are several good bows out there today. But KEEP that XT!
Had an XT, sold it for Heli M. It is no better or worse. Unless you just want a new bow, keep the XT. It is a fine hunting bow.
I saw a swithback xt for around 350.00 last week. I only shot one in the shop new but I have owned many different brands of bows and it was the smoothest I have ever drawn. Think hard before letting it go. I might end up with the one I saw if someone doesn't buy it first. I am still at least 6 months from shooting again due to shoulder surgery and I still want it.
I wish I had a dollar for every time I've seen someone post that they wish they still had their Switchback. Might want to hang on to it if you can
I'm still shooting an XT. I've considered switching but don't figure I'd gain a whole bunch. Just put a new set of 60x strings on it and a new copper john sight. Shooting 270 with a 420 gn arrow and holding about 3" groups at 50. Might gain a bit of speed, but not enogh foe me to justify the extra cost.
Not trying to dissuade you from the new bow, but if I were you, I'd listen to the others and keep the Mathews a while if you decide on the new one.
I could write you a book on this but I'll keep it short and sweet by saying you've got a winner in that XT. It is BY FAR my favorite Mathews bow of all time!
LOVE my XT. Haven't shot another bow in 4 years, see no reason to. My opinion...spend your money on something else. [wink]
Thanks for the comments I think yall have talked me into keeping it if I do decide to buy a new one. I kinda hated to get rid of it anyhow, I have made alot of good memories with it thats for sure.
I had a xt and imo the best bow mathews has ever mad, none of the newer ones come close to an xt. With that being said I was very careful in what brands I chose to sell when I was opening my store (tri-county outdoors). I only sell Elite, Bear and quest and that is all I plan on selling. So if you are in the market for a new one, those are the brands that I would choose, based on bow for your money and customer service.
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