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Quick wade 7/17 Waveland

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Rwaite and I met up at one of usual spots and started off by catching some mullet and croaker in the net to have some live bait. We proceeded out and bait just began BLOWING up all around us and in front of us. First cast with a mullet and I was hooked up with a nice Spanish Mac. Couple minutes later I had 2 more Spanish macs in my basket. Next thing you know we look to our left and we literally see sharks coming out the water in a feeding frenzy. Next thing ya know BOOM...rwaite was hooked up with a shark of his own. He was a bit over 4ft but very feisty. Finally broke off "thank god" cause sure didn't want to have to deal with that while standing in the water. A little while later, sharks went into that feeding frenzy again. Some other waders made there way out by us and once they brought all their kin folk out there including their kids (mind you they were swimming and making lots of noise) rwaite and I decided to call it an evening! Ended up with a few nice Spanish Macs and that was it besides the sharks!! Oh well, better luck next time!
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Lots of action but not sure I could have stayed in the water while watching a shark feeding frenzy.
I hear ya man. We started backing away and once they settled that's when rwaite hooked up with one. I started moving away from my buddy and after A few moments the shark broke him off. When I was younger I used to panic and started to haul butt but now I try to stay calm and move away slowly and quietly. There was just a good bit of them around this evening.
There was just a good bit of them around this evening.
And those are just the ones you could see.[omg]
And those are just the ones you could see.[omg]
My thoughts exactly.......
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