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Really good morning/day for big speckled trout

Finally got the kind of day where we could go out front in our boat and was at one of our spots at daylight. Right off the bat I caught a good red and 2 big specks on a white with a red head Super Spook Jr but that was it on the top water so I switched over to a TTR11 mirrolure because; well just because I have just been catching a bunch of fish on it every time I throw it. We had to fish hard for them because it wasn't a every cast type of bite but we ended up with 22 Big trout and lost way over what would have given us our 2 man limit of big trout. They were smoking the mirrolures on the strike. The tide was running so hard it was tough getting them to the boat even with 3 sets of trebles. Since they were big trout anyways (and very strong, was stripping drag like a red) and the tide was running hard many of them were just tearing the hooks out. We both lost fish in the 5 pound range and several fish in the 3+ range. We got one 5 pounder to the boat and my buddy caught it and everything else was 3 or better. My buddy caught a couple on plastics under a cork early but I was smoken them on the mirrolure so he had to put the cork down and tie on a mirrolure too. We hooked way over a 2 man limit of big trout but ended up with 22 and the 1 red and one flounder. For scale that is a decent sized chest and the trout go from end to end.

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