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With me being new to the nearshore salt game it seems things are tough right now. Is this a normal slow period every year? I was down a week or so ago and caught fish but not the targeted species. Loved every minute of it and every chance I get to take the boat out for that matter but Im beginning to realize it will be cheaper to hire a charter every time I want to fish. Ha The spring bite seemed like weather threw me a curve every chance I got to go. Now fall is approaching and deer season around the corner. I plan on splitting time between the woods and the water this fall. Not giving up yet![thumbup]
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I would classify MS' trout summer season right now as below average slow. We are also coming up on a period when the trout starts scattering and transitioning to our brackish estuaries for the winter and it can be very hit or miss until they settle in to their wintering spots. La has had some areas well below their average summer but some of their areas have been smoken for a couple of months. Absolutely keep at it because there are still fish out there to catch.
It definitely slowed below normal recently. But it seems to be picking up over the last week.
Keep at it Bro! They are there.
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