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reds reds and more reds

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Went out last night to fish some lights for a few hours and ended up fishing from dark till 4 this morning. The reds are thick in fort bayou and in the bay. I hit 6 different spots and caught reds at every one. I quit counting them at 38 at mid night. Most were in the 16 inch range but there were some legal sized ones mixed in. Only caught a hand full of trout with 1 15 incher.
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You definitely had a night of catchen. Nice report man.
Sounds like a blast! What were they hitting?
Chief they hit anything and everything i threw. Caught them on skitterwalks, matrix, b2 squid, mirrodines, but caught more on a lil cheap 3 inch white/red minnow bait. A few of the spots i fished had underwater lights and ya could see the fish swimming threw and around the light. It was pretty cool to pull the bait threw the light and see 5-6 reds at a time chase it.
Oh man. That really sounds like fun! I love being able to see the fish actually do the chase. You are a lucky fella! Congrats!
Nice report and I'm with the others, that had to be a blast
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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