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Remington 700 Trigger

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I recently got a used remington 700 and would like to get the trigger adjusted a little, with it being a lot heavier than my other rifles that I'm used to. Mine is the type with the two screws up front and one in back. I have seen directions on how to go about doing this but also seen the safety problems people have after someone who didn't know what they were doing adjusted them. This is a hunting rifle that I got a good deal on and don't want to sink a lot of money into it by way of new jewel or timney trigger but would like to have the lbs dropped a little.

Who would y'all suggest taking it to in the Jackson area that does a safe quality job and what can I expect to pay for this job?

Also what are the opinions on the x mark pro triggers remington produces. How well would this work in my situation if I swapped them out seeing as I can find them for under $50.
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If I were taking one of my guns to somewhere around central MS it would go to Billy Tierce in Dentville 601-885-9297.
I will 2nd billy tierce! He will have it as good as you can make a factory trigger! Just picked up two more of my 700's a couple of weeks ago and the triggers are great!
Jimmy Bagby is in Vicksburg at Firearms Outfitters. He's slicked up several Rem triggers for me and he's top notch.
Is this the X mark trigger or older style?
If you don't want to drop a lot of money just get a shilen trigger they aren't high at all.
There is a recall on X-Mark triggers, make sure your buying one that's been checked out...
If you have the "Old Style" Rem trigger, which it sounds like you do, you are in great shape, just carry it to Billy, and let him fix it up for you. A timney is actually a downgrade compared to a tuned up "old style" Rem trigger. As for the X-Mark Pro trigger, stay away from them, they suck, and aren't worth putting effort towards, you are way better off with what you have.
Yes, stick with the "old" trigger. My 700 (X-mark) has been at the gunsmith for 8 weeks! Was supposed to be two weeks max, but because of the recall, triggers (Timney) are on back order.
Guess i got a good X-mark in my Sendero, no problems and breaks like glass, will adjust down wicked light , i love it.
Guess i got a good X-mark in my Sendero, no problems and breaks like glass, will adjust down wicked light , i love it.
Sounds like it Mike, rock on with it, if it works that good. I've just never tinkered with one that I came close to liking.
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