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report from this weekend

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My dad went Friday and caught his limit. We went saturday and caught our limit. Me and my buddy went today and caught 15. Almost got swamped by a dang shrimp boat coming through the channel. Should've reported him to the coast guard. Had to get my buddy to come to the back of the boat. Any farther forward and it wouldve been bad. Had about a gallon of water come over the bow. Picture is from saturday
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What a load of flat fish. I would trade a box of speckled trout for a good mess flaties. My favorite to eat.
Pretty impressive bunch of fish.
I'd love to put my Dexter Russell in those!!!
Whoah now! Nobody "accidently" happens upon that many flounder! Teach us sir! Or give us a hint. That's an impressive mess of flounder. Pat on the back for you!
We caught them on green and pearl white. Had to work the bait slow. They didnt seem to aggressive. Only had a few that hit it and ran with it. 1/8oz lead jig head.
Cool looking picture & Great catch.
Nice catch cgildea!!! I hate to hear that about the shrimp boat..Most shrimp boats are displacement hulls and don't throw that big of a wake. PM me the name of the boat and GPS coordinates of where this happened and I will talk to the shrimper and make sure he is a little more careful next time.[cool]
It was by the small craft harbor. We were anchored up. I just seen him coming and wasnt paying him attention till after he passed and i noticed the roller coaster waves he left. We were fishing the fishing the rocks in Biloxi. No gps needed haha
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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