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I have been to many of the July 4 fishing rodeo here on the coast.
But the one last night was a deal breaker. It was like walking through a third world country to get to the rodeo. Nothing but Chaous outside the fenced , kids throwing rocks over cars, more kids shooting bottle rockets through the crowd, thugs posted up on every corner. . I actually felt threaten walking my family back to the car. It was like black spring break meets the fishing rodeo. It should not be held at that park again. It's sad because it's a beautiful place to have such an event. Hopefully the rodeo coordinators can come up with a solution for next year or the attendance will decline.
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I quit taking my family to that event years ago because of what you described. .sad to say but when it was in biloxi the crowd was more civil...the tournaments held in biloxi have a better atmosphere..imho.
Haven't been to one since Katrina but the last one I went to at Jones Park didn't have any of those issues unless I was completely oblivious to them.
That's definitely sad to hear. I don't participate and haven't even been in years but do temember my dad taking me when I was little and it was cool to see all the big fish. There is always a few that can ruin anything for everyone.
Maybe plenty of visible armed park security outside roaming around would help.
Simply....I stay away from crowds when I can possibly help it.
I second that, Coast not the Coast of old days.
Simply....I stay away from crowds when I can possibly help it.
Dang you and me would definitely get along.[smile]
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