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? Safe Humidifier

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? Safe De-Humidifier

Is it safe to run this in the safe or does it provide other problems?

I am unsure about the benefits of the dehumidifier.
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Do you mean dehumidifier? I don't think you want to add moisture to the safe.
If the safe is not in a 24-7 climate controlled environment yes, you will DEF need a
Yep, typo in title - meant dehumidifier.

I am new to running one - it seams hot to touch. Is this normal? Can it start a fire in the safe?

It is not a controlled environment and the safe is susceptible to changes in the environment.
There is a problem with running a dehumidifier in a safe - too little moisture. While you can never have too little moisture for metal, too little moisture for wood can mean drying out and cracking. Is this dehumidifier one that is specifically designed for gun safes?
Yes, the dehumidifier is for a safe. Bought it from Heritage Safes....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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