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Saturday morning Biloxi Beach Wade

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Went wading this morning in Biloxi, It was intended to be a quick trip but the fish were biting well so my brother and I ended up fishing until 10:45. There were glass minnows everywhere and this morning the fish seemed to be focusing on them. Caught 24 keeper trout, 1 redfish, 3 ground mullet. We also caught almost as many undersized trout as we did keepers and several lady fish. The largest trout was 24". I caught it on an original floating Rapala, size 11 in clown color,the next largest was 22" and it was caught on a C-EYES 17 m mirrolure in electric chicken. We also had a few 17 - 18" fish but the majority were 13.5 - 15" fish. The red was about 24" and was caught on a fire-tiger flat rap. The majority of the fish were caught on 17 mr mirrodines with a few coming on the rapala lures, a catch 2000 jr. and jigs. We both threw topwaters but had no takers. the ground mullet were caught on this plug http://www.tobyhoganfishinglures.com/shorty-minnow-plug.htm with gold flash. I threw one with silver flash and had no strikes. We were getting multiple strikes on every cast with matrix shad and I believe that most of those strikes were ground mullet also.

Here is a photo of the red and two biggest trout along with a couple of the other nicer ones

I am going back tomorrow with the long rod to see if I can catch a few on flies.
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Nice mess of fish Bob.
..Thanks for the report.I like that Bingo lure also.Im glad you showed us were to find them. MM
Y'all done good Bob. Nice quality too.
D bob nice mess. Sounds like they were biting real good along the coast today, for your report to mine. Good job
It sounds like you had a heck of a morning Bob. Good stuff Man, that sure is a fine mess you have. Thanks for the OUTSTANDING report also.

Tight Lines!
Dang good catch DB. Great report, let's of good info.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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