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Sea Chaser gets first fish

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Had an opportunity to fish with Chris and Joy Havard and their family last week as they put the first Spec in their new boat. Let me tell ya, these two young men (Paxton right and Peyton left) are serious fishermen and their sister Palyn is right on their heels. Look for more posts from this crew in the near future.
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Love to see the kids getting it done. Real nice that you would take them out like you did Bill.
That is so awesome! As another thread read, trips with the young ones are always my favorite.
It looks as though there is some "new blood" in the sport now. Thanks for the post.....refeshing!
Yes sir...this is good stuff!
Man we sure did enjoy that!!! And so glad you caught a good fish to put in the boat... It's just been hard heads the rest of the week and weekend but we don't give up easy ��

Thanks again for the info and the hospitality!!! Looking forward to another trip...
They will always recall that day in there memory
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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