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Ship island wade 7-4

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To start out I must say thanks to all who have bragged about a mirro lure, took the ferry and walked across island and played with kids for an hour or so and then grabbed the pole.. Went out past 2nd sandbar and started wearing out some mullet even let the kids reel in a few and they were ecstatic watching them fly through the air.. After enough mullet action I decided to just start walking east, was just walking and seen a spot that just looked good, so walked out and bam I had a drag peeler, didn't know what it was until I seen the dorsal fin and I got excited, my first speck!!! But boy did I find a pile ofem, set there and caught 15-20 of them with the biggest prolly 22".. I had a blast and will be back!!!
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22" is a great speck especially for your first one ever. Glad y'all had a great day. What Mirrolure were you catching your fish on? What were you catching the mullet on???
Mirrodine suspending with spots, and was catching all fish on it..
I'm thinking the mullet you described was a lady fish, with the flying through the air part. They are definitely fun, slang name of baby tarpon. Attached a picture.

A 22" trout is a great fish and sounds like you had an awesome trip.


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It was ladyfish, thanks for the correction Hoyt, man you guys on the coast sure got it good during the summer!!!
Thinking it may be lady fish is why my question.[smile]
No problem, just being curious. They are definitely one of the most fun fights, too bad they aren't any good for eating.

I've actually never fished the south side of ship, glad you were able to find them there
Congrats Man! Fun with the kids and some good fish; sounds like it turned into a really great trip!
Sounds like a great day fishing and family time. We always called the lady fish (poor mans tarpon).
Thanks for all the feedback, had tremendous amounts of fun, forgot to mention the blue crabs were everywhere and between catching them and watching the stingrays the kids had one of the best days in the water..
Diane took the granddaughter this week, and she said it was the most crabs she has seen out there. I suspects its because the water was so calm and you could see better than normal.
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