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Sight fishing Horn Island 7/30/14

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It was a bit rougher than anticipated this morning and I actually had to work a bit to get the little Whaler around to the SE side but it was worth the effort.
Beautiful water and near calm conditions made it easy to pick off some Pompano on the flats. I learned to weed through the ravenous Blue Runners & Ladyfish by avoiding the schools.
Cobia & Jack Crevalle cruising the shore as well but avoided my offerings.

Should be good again on Thurs with the North winds.
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That's not a bad sized one for here. That thing is going to taste G-O-O-D!

Looking forward to seeing you Saturday.
Have only caught them by accident.
Good job! That's the clearest I've seen the water in awhile.
I have been to sand island and horn looking for them and only hung one since I've been trying. Where you get those ball type jiggies
I make them myself and can set you up with a few or you can order some here:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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