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Since we're on a clean slate.............

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I gotta show off my pup a little bit
.. My british black lab "bear" from acesretrievers.com as you can tell im proud of him! hope you enjoy..

745495-R1-05-5A.jpg picture by bowmadness

745480-R1-12-13A.jpg picture by bowmadness

745480-R1-18-19A.jpg picture by bowmadness

utf-8Ba29yZCdzIGRlZXIgJzA5IDAyMi5qc.jpg picture by bowmadness

duck.jpg picture by bowmadness

IMG014.jpg picture by bowmadness
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Might as well show mine too...Dixies Delta Dawn(Chessapeake)
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nevermind...all I see is letters and numbers, too complicated.
every time I try to post a pic, I get the same result. I even did what you said and still nothing, I had just figured this out on the other forum, and now I can't.
BM, you know how I feel about that dog! He is fine for sure.
thanks man he has definitely turned out to be everything i wanted him to be.. a big difference from when he was 12 weeks old.. been a heck of an experience
Awesome pics guys, Those black labs really are the prettiest around.
Great pics guys. You guys that can train Chessies amaze me. Those jokers will bite!

Here is a pic of my boy in the last snow.

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