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Smoker has been going for 3 hours time for a treat

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BBQ Oysters

Crab stuffed oysters
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Pete you better watch out posting stuffs like this...some or most of us have your address and liables to just 'drop by'[biggrin][biggrin][biggrin].....uhm...what time did you say those'll be ready???...
Note I posted photo after the oyster were done. Diane even ate 2 or 3, bad news for me I knew should never have made her try them.

The 3 hour mark is also when it is time to Apply the Texas Crutch to the Ribs.

The Ribs have 3 hours left so you still have time to make it here for those Donk.
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Thanks....those look real goot!!!.....but im scart if you know im coming you'll smoke me some sand flea stuffed hardhead or something[biggrin]....whats that in that there bottle off to the side hmm???..
One of my secret Ingredients. Half for the ribs, half for the cook.
Status update.

Ribs are done, on to the Shark, Tuna and Salmon

And just to make sure I don't get in trouble for posting off topic.

A couple of grilled Blacktip shark steaks that our Granddaughter caught with Capt Ronnie.

They taste even better than they look BTW!
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You do know my station is on pass rd right? [biggrin]
Cough-cough! Ummmm, well, I just kind of noticed how much food you made. Ummm, cough-cough, that sure is a LOT. uhhh, Hmmmm, man that's a lot of food. Cough-cough.

To late Capt Chief or Shooter or whatever you are calling yourself this week [rofl]

All vacuum sealed in in the freezer. For the next 2 weeks, half of our dinners will just require dropping a vacuum bag into a pan of boiling water, heck Diane might even be able to do it [huh] [biggrin]
heck Diane might even be able to do it [huh] [biggrin]
So Diane doesn't read the Bull huh?[sneaky]
Johnny apple seed hard apple cider.
To late Capt Chief or Shooter or whatever you are calling yourself this week [rofl]
and to think all I had was a sandwich[glare]
I can see it now.YOU CAN'T BEAT PETES DINNER Highway 90 Biloxi MS.[cool]
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