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Specks are HOT right now.

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So, with the action like it has been in the bay this whole week after dark, I took a solo trip last night to try and put on a clinic with the specks on the pier. I stopped at LB and picked up 5 dozen shrimp on my way home from work. Got to the pier an hour before dark and the specks were already starting to stack up. I fished the shrimp 2' under a boat monkey cork. EVERY shrimp in that 5 dozen landed me a trout. Not too great at math, but that means just from the live shrimp I had put 60 trout over the side of the pier. After running dry on live bait I threw everything and the kitchen sink and couldn't get a strike. The bite never died I just couldn't find the right bait. Tried the baits from nights past and still nothing. Then I remembered I had an old Rapala original floating minnow. BINGO! It was on like donkey Kong. I would pitch out and retrieve it with a bump bump pause cadence. Every cast I had a speck. I honestly must have caught over a hundred trout trying to grind out my last 3 fish to get a MS limit but I couldn't do it. 90% of the fish were 12-15/16". Between people tossing their cast nets where we trout fisherman were working the fish and the last fish I caught shook the front treble of the Rapala minnow DEEP into my thumb, I decided the 3 fish I needed were just not meant to be. It was still a blast weeding thru so many fish for my 12 and very rewarding.

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Nice mess!!!...and you sure hook yourself alot[biggrin]

How crowded is the pier at night now? Would it be as crowded during the week?
It wasn't too bad, just dealing with inconsiderate jerks can be trying at times. Lat night three teens were throwing cast nets almost on top of us and the bite would slow and we'd have to wait for it to pop off again. Then because I was catching so many specks they came and tried casting their rigs where I was fishing while I pulled them in one street the other right next to their lines getting nothing. (It was awesomewatching them get frustrated at ME because they couldn't catch specks in the same exact spot) so they hit Fed up with it and all started tossing their nets in that same spot. Some people have no home training. I think once school starts that kinda crap will die down a lot.
Summer trout under the lights want small, subtle, low profile lures. Makes sense the rapala got it done. I hate it that you have hooked yourself a few times, but at least you realize the importance of showing of your war wounds to the forum. A true guy!
Nice job FW...way to get it done
Thanks Kyle. Now that I've rested. Im bout to head to the ER so they can remove what part of the hook I couldn't. Gotta gather up the kids. Mama's at work today.
Gotta love those times when your on the bite. Looks like that was one you might have been able to turned back out and cut off unless the hooks were very dull.
Nice fish! That sounds like a **** good night of fishing... Minus the hook in the finger. I caught a lot of small ones this morning wading but not quite that many
Jimmy I tried I think it hit bone. I.gave her everything I could muster up and she wasn't budging. Now sitting at memorial waiting to get the rest of what I couldn't get out. Great Saturday morning, but I may be back after 'em tonight with the family. [wink]
Yes sir!
Latest update. I'm on pain pills and antibiotics. The doc sliced me open and it still took him everything he had to yank that bad boy out of my finger.

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Dang son you had to have that baby dug into something. No way that was coming out without the trip to the ER. You caught the fish from the Washington St pier didn't you FW or were you in a boat in the bay?
FW, I am new to this site but have been fishing in MS waters for quite some time. Were you fishing on a public pier or private pier? I am taking my family to the MS coast this week and staying at the casinos in Biloxi. I woiuld like to take my daughter out one day or night to try and catch some fish. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks and I hope you have continued good luck with the trout.
You know my go to spot SJ it's NO SECRET [wink]
With the trout like they are in BSL now you could fish the lights on Dunbar or Washington and probably do well. Small profile baits and live shrimp are the tickets right now. You just have to dial in how they want the bait THAT particular trip.
Welcome to the Bull. Great dudes great reports and head fellowship. Can't ask for much more.
FW if you would keep your local medic (corpsman?)happy with a mess of fillets every now and again he may could save you some of those de-hookifying trips to the ER(if they even have medics anymore)....keep that thumb coverd,clean and dry when you go back after em[wink]
Already getting or stuff together to try and get a spot before dark. Im sure everyone watching me last night may be working the lights tonight.
Very good point Donk. FW. Keep that hand clean! We don't want to see you get hit by vibrio alien takeyourarmicus.
Very good point Donk. FW. Keep that hand clean! We don't want to see you get hit by vibrio alien takeyourarmicus.
Today I was moving fish to a cooler and a redfish fin stuck my left thumb. I shut down, went to my truck got out my first aid kit and fixed it right up. Up until this year I would have continued on and looked at it later, and that would have been the wrong thing to do...
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