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Spotted Fawns

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What’s the latest any of you has had spotted fawns on camera or seen? I actually still have a spotted button buck that comes out everyday with his sister. My wife seen him late January while hunting that plot and reassured in person what the camera was showing us.

I think fella who has plot next to mine musta shot the mom earlier in season cause none of the does we killed outta that plot had milk.
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Gonna try to find tactacam pic of him and post it
That’s what the one I mentioned earlier looked like in December..this is in east central Ms. What part of the state are you in?
My lil buddy still sporting his spots around but they are slowly fading away. I’d say within 2 weeks he’ll be out of them.
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That’s crazy
I’m starting to wonder if he is part axis deer! haha
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here it is March and he still sporting spots
Fountain of youth
Lol, he’ll be 10yrs old before he has a decent set of antlers!
Maybe you need to clean your lens off your camera....lol
Haha, I told that to the wife in December but when she seen him last week of January she said it’s 100% spots. I also thought maybe he rubbed on something but that doesn’t seem to be the case.
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Mid April of 2019 in southern Perry County.
Lol, that deer lost its spots only cause it shed its winter coat.

I stopped my tactacam subscription for the summer so when I get back up there I’ll check the sd card to see if my lil buddy finally lost his spots.
That’s crazy to see a 1.5yr old with spots.
I think my lil button head probably lost his by now. I’ll check my camera when we go up for Easter.
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